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We all want our pets to have a long and happy life. As pets get older their bones and joints, internal organs, and minds age too. Senior care isn't just about longevity - it's about providing older pets comfort and dignity so they are able to enjoy every moment with their families. 


As pets get older their health status can change over the course of a year. Having a complete nose-to-tail exam every 6 months allows us to evaluate your pet's health status so changes are detected early and can be acted upon. We pay attention in particular to the potential development of arthritis, loss of kidney function, eyesight, hearing, and cognitive changes. 


Osteoarthritis is one of the most common conditions impacting senior pets, causing pain and impacting quality of life.  We are lucky to have multiple options for arthritis management. From joint supplements, a variety of pain medication options, exercise therapy to modifications to the home such as non-slip floor surfaces and raised food and water dishes, we will work with you to keep your pet as comfortable and active as possible.


Enrichment is very helpful for maintaining brain health. Keeping your pet active with physical exercise, play sessions, new toys, and even new training helps the aging brain to stay sharp. You can adjust exercise and activities to match what your older pet's physical and behavioural needs.


For pets experiencing age related cognitive decline there are options for dietary therapy, nutraceutical supplements, and medication that can help.


Common chronic diseases seen in older pets include heart disease, kidney disease, thyroid disease, and cancer. Our experienced veterinarians are comfortable managing a variety of conditions and will be able to create a treatment plan tailored to your pet for appropriate management and ongoing follow-up.

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