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Blood Test
Image by Alexander Zabrodskiy

At Mariposa Veterinary Hospital we are able to run a variety of tests including blood panels, urine testing, and microscopic examinations both in our clinic and at our partnered reference laboratory, providing timely diagnostic information for your pet. 


Bloodwork gives us an inside look at how the body functions. Routine panels evaluate immune function and screen for diabetes, anemia, kidney function, liver health, and electrolyte abnormalities. Additional panels also evalaute for infectious disease such as Feline Leukemia Virus (FeLV), Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV), Lyme disease, Heartworm disease among others.


For pets with bladder concerns, urine testing is essential to identify crystals, infection, or other abnormalities. 

Urine tells us about more than just the bladder! Did you know that one of the earliest signs of liver dysfunction can show up in a urine test before it is seen on bloodwork? Additionally, urine testing is needed in addition to bloodwork to evaluate kidney function. 


Looking under the microscope we are able to see with up to 100X magnification, allowing us to identify bacteria, parasites, and body cells. This is helpful for diagnosing skin and ear infections and evaluating lumps and cysts on the skin. 

Ultrasound and a small needle can be used to collect samples from fluid, internal growths, or organs inside the body, which can then be evaluated microscopically to aid in diagnosis. 


A stool sample can tell us a lot about your pet! Most parasites in stool are not visible to the naked eye. 


Our routine fecal test uses PCR technology to check for the presence of up to 20 species of intestinal parasites in your pet's stool.

Image by Akram Huseyn
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